Kaahurangi Room 29.01.19

Check out the tamariki in the Kaahurangi room listening to and exploring our sea shells. Learning about a conch shell and the noises they make. This experience promoted great turn taking, sharing and inclusion of our friends by all involved. Very reflective of our current values’ focus of Family & Inclusion.




Receive FREE Pass to Inflatable World

We are continuing gifting Inflatable World Vouchers up until the end of March 2019. When you recommend a family to Just Kids and they enrol, we will give both you and them a voucher to Inflatable World the value of $42.00.

Entry Pricing options to be used with this voucher are:

Parent / Child Combo (under 5 and adult) – $14.00

Children (over 5) – $14.00

Adults (playing) – $14.00

Supervisors (must know where your children are) – FREE


Duffy Books Reading 4 Reading Program

Hi Everyone, we are excited to announce that we have just joined the Duffy Book Ready 4 Reading Program.

This is a really exciting program for us to be a part of. As a management team we have decided to invest in to each child at Just Kids by giving them the opportunity to become passionate about reading. Each child will have the opportunity to take home two books of their very own, twice a year. This means that in a calendar year, each child will be gifted 4 books.

And, Book Offer 2 for 2018 has just started.

If you would like to choose your child’s 2 books then please take a look at the form attached and e-mail me BEFORE Monday 24th September.


Otherwise, we will choose books for the children so no one misses out.

Reading is a great way to spend quality, one-on-one time with your child/children and I encourage you all to take a look at the books on offer!


Renee and the Just Kids Team